The effectiveness of CBD for Altzeimeres Disease

According to recent surveys, CBD is said to be effective in reducing the symptoms related to the disease of Alzheimer’s. But does CBD Oil really help the Alzheimer’s patients? Here, we will look at what science has to say about the use of the CBD Oil to cure the disease and its symptoms. First of all, let us learn about the Alzheimer’s disease.

What is Alzheimer’s?

What happens to the people suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that cannot be reversed. It is found to affect more people than any other form of dementia and is said to progress faster than others. According to science, dementia is categorised as a disease that is tenacious and directly holds the mental processes. The early reasons for dementia are considered to be related to brain injury or ailment. Dementia is at first set apart as a certain memory problem, changes in personality and weakened or damaged logical reasoning abilities. About 50 percent of the world’s population who suffer from the disease of dementia, has the disease of Alzheimer’s; added to this is the count of new cases, that is about 5 million annually. But, what exactly do we an by Alzheimer’s disease? Scientific researches categorise Alzheimer’s as existing on a specific range.

Based on one’s Alzheimer’s, various cognitive tests and evaluations are conducted to analyse and classify the disease to be one of the three categories. These categories can be




Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s disease can be identified by evaluating and analyzing one’s clinical history, medical documents, and verification of no existing weakness in the intellectual or memory processes of the brain.

What are the reasons behind the progression of Alzheimer’s in one’s brain? What causes Alzheimer’s?

There can be more than one specific factors that promote the progression of the disease. Alzheimer’s disease, like all other types of dementia, is caused by damage or loss of the cells of the brain. It is a neurodegenerative disease which is defined as the loss of brain cells for a time period longer than normal.

The size of the brain becomes smaller with the death of cells of the brain causing either of the following two situations in the body:

Plaque- In this abnormality, the brain is affected and damaged in different ways by clusters of protein in the body.

Tangles- This is the situation when the transportation structures in the brain twist are causing the occurrence of the AD. According to the scientists performing AD studies and researches, the genes, the way of living and the surrounding environment or all of these cause the situation of the Alzheimer’s disease in the brain of an individual.

The exact root cause of the disease is yet not completely known by scientists; can CBD Oil be considered as an effective treatment for the Alzheimer’s disease?
What are the various identifiable symptoms of the AD? Studies have shown that the disease of Alzheimer’s occurs in the form of mild memory fluctuation and confusions that one may notice.

Within a span of time, it progresses to more parts of the brain and attacks on more mental processes, recent memories being the most affected ones. However, the growth of the disease inside the brain differs from person to person. The foremost noticeable symptoms may be difficulty in remembering things and problems in organizing things mentally. One may also witness problems in identifying any sort of change in oneself when that change would easily be noticeable by others.

In such an extreme situation, can CBD Oil be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease, considering symptoms that might be difficult even to be noticed by oneself?

What can be considered as a treatment for AD?

There have been numerous studies undergoing the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease, and scientists might not be sure of the source of the disease, but they have proved that reduction in heart-related diseases can prevent the Alzheimer’s disease in an individual. Is CBD Oil effective in reducing the identified triggers of the Alzheimer’s disease in a person? The conditions of AD can be reduced in the following ways: CBD (Cannabidiol). Reducing the risk of heart-related diseases. Balancing the blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Maintaining an appropriate weight. Avoiding diabetic activities. Intake of Mediterranean food (fresh produce, healthy oils, and low saturated fat foods). Keeping the body active and fit (physically, mentally and socially).

Can CBD Oil cure the Alzheimer’s disease?

According to recent studies conducted by medical scientists, the use of CBD Oil can cure the Alzheimer’s disease as it helps in reducing the symptoms. It acts as a neuroprotectant, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and more.

Can CBD oil be considered as an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s?

We now know that the Alzheimer’s disease is a result of the abnormalities of an excess of plaque (amyloid beta), inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain. And CBD Oil can relieve the disease by affecting upon the symptoms related to the disease. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-toxic and non-psychoactive plant-based cannabinoid that can be found in hemp.

As mentioned before, it is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and has neuroprotective properties, and hence, the use of CBD in relieving AD has the following: Reduction in reactive gliosis (change when the central nervous system is damaged). Reduction of neuroinflammation. Promotes neurogenesis (that is, the growth of new cells in the brain). And so on.

Which CBD product is suitable for an Alzheimer’s patient?

It depends on the quality as to which product is the best to use Reputed third-party labs like Farmers Lab help in searching the right product that is safe (zero-THC), vegan-friendly, non-GMO, lactose-free, gluten free and contains no additives. CBD drops, paste/extracts, aqua and e-liquids are some good CBD products. Different cases of Alzheimer’s demand different CBD forms and dosages. In cases of heavy bodies, the form of CBD intake and dosage suitable for a light-weighed person might not work and vice-versa. A beginner might require 1-2 drops of the Oil 1-2 times a day. In case of no relief, one may increase the dose 1-2 drops (every 1-2 weeks) until some symptom relief is experienced.