Farmers Lab provides its products for the exclusive use as novelty and collectors item. If you represent to us that you will be using our products for the use of planting, germinating cannabis plants in a country to which these practices are deemed illegal, we retain the right to refuse to sell you our product.

If you reside in a country or region where the personal growth of cannabis is legal, we can provide useful reference information regarding this practice and can facilitate information regarding the fertility rate of germination of our seeds.

Regional Laws
We ask all our customers to respect their local laws and do not encourage our customers to either knowingly or without having inquired to disregard the language or intent of the legal legislation regarding controlled substances in their region of residence.

Farmers Lab will not be held responsible for the seizure or intercepted delivery of products in those countries where the possession of marijuana or seeds is not legal.

All the information available on Farmers Lab Seeds is meant as resource for educational purposes only. Farmers Lab does not mandate any specific use of it for the illegal germinating or harvesting of cannabis in your region. The free access to said information does not condone or imply Farmers Lab either overt or complicate encouragement in any illegal practice of its customers or visitors by virtue of its being made available-other than the further education of our customers.

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Accuracy of Claims and Content
While we do our best to stay abreast of the latest and most accurate information in our industry, we do not guarantee the complete accuracy of all the information we provide for your general knowledge and interest.